Welcome to Don’t Touch, the campaign calling for musicians to call out the sexual harassment happening far too often in their crowds, and in the environment around then.

It’s sadly no secret that crowds at gigs can be scary places for anyone, and we feel that making them safe spaces has to start from the bands. While many are starting to speak up, musicians are still, perhaps, too quiet on the matter, if not perpetrating assault themselves. If those that are on stage aren’t calling it out, those looking up to them are less likely to stop.

We also know that being a musicians can also come with power, so we’re further asking for musicians to call out the abuse of such power by their peers when it comes to vulnerable fans.

That’s why we’re asking bands to speak up, to stop harassment when they see it, and hopefully make gigs and the music industry safer spaces for everyone.

Melissa x
Founder – Don’t Touch


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